Man Trip 2023

So, this post is about something that happened in 2023. I am super late to post this, mostly because this is a long post. So lets get into it!

DAY 1: TO CHARLESTON, SC This day was mostly just driving. It took something like 9 and a half hours. We ate food at Arby’s in Richmond, VA for lunch and at Buc-ees somewhere in SC. Then we got to the BEST hotel ever, a Holiday Inn at Mount Pleasant.

DAY 2: FORT IN CHARESTON This was fun. This was about the highlight of day 2, Fort Moultrie! We saw cannons and flags, and we did junior rangers!

DAY 3: AIRCRAFT CARRIER!!!!!!!! This day was fun! We went and saw the USS Yorktown! We saw planes, models, planes, and planes!!!!!!!!!

DAY 4: WRIGHT BROTHERS!!!! If you love planes, like me, you know who they are! We learned a whole bunch about them, planes, and the first flight!

DAY 5: AIR POWER PARK!!!!! So for day 5, we found these people who own a massive collection of models, of airplanes! We walked through all of them!

DAY 6: YORKTOWN AND HOME. On day 6, we went to Yorktown, the 1st formal British surrender to American troops, then we went home!

So yeah, that was our trip! Hope you loved hearing about it, John.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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